Who We Are

Remote Fill Systems was formed by experienced fuel system engineers to focus exclusively on Remote Fill Systems for generator fueling. We are committed to providing knowledgeable and experienced support to our customers from design and application through startup and commissioning. Our team has many years of experience with fuel oil as well as long experience in industrial process control and mechanical HVAC and piping systems.

We have experienced first-hand the consequences of long lead times for both product and engineered drawings and submittals. We are committed to provide:

  • Short Lead Times & Quick Delivery for Product as well as Drawings and Submittals

We stock our components so that order fulfillment is in days, not weeks or months. Our engineers will turn around drawings and detailed custom submittals in days, not weeks.

  • Knowledgeable Design and Application Assistance for Engineers, Building Owners and Contractors

If you contact us, an experienced application engineer will answer the phone or email and provide application assistance, up to and including custom AutoCAD drawings and specifications.

  • Custom Design

For example, we recently designed and built a stainless pump skid for aqueous ammonia.

We have developed innovative and cost-effective products in response to customer needs, such as:

Concealment of the Remote Fill — Architects want to retain the appearance of their designs. The Concealed Underground Remote Fill allows the appearance and beauty of a building to be undisturbed. The Concealed Underground Remote Fill provides a code compliance solution where the required clearance to building openings cannot be achieved with an aboveground product.

High Pressure Pumped Systems for High-Rise Applications — The Pumped Remote Fill with its 5HP pump can deliver 20 gpm at more than 100 psi (230 feet).

San Francisco Code Compliance — The San Francisco Remote Fill features the common leak detector alarm and the two dry contact alarm monitors required by the Fire Department.

Multiple Tank Filling Systems — The multi-tank remote fill can fill up to 6 tanks in its basic form and more in custom form.

Leak Detection and BMS/SCADA Integration — Other than the Basic Remote Fill, all of our products feature integrated leak detection and Modbus or BACnet interfaces.

If you have needs we have not addressed on this website, please contact us.