What Is A Belly Tank Generator?


A Belly Tank Generator typically sits beneath a generator powered by fuel oil. The Belly Tank is reinforced to accommodate the generator weight plus the fuel needed to power the generator.


Generator Belly Tanks usually come as a bundled unit with some alarms and a place to fill the tank from the factory. These systems are installed throughout the area and provide an emergency power source for critical construction operations such as elevators, emergency lights and various other emergency operations. Quite often, these Belly Tanks do not come with Code required filling stations, overfill protection, high-level alarms and atmospheric venting required to exit the building.


YQA Generator Sub-Base Tank Fuel Refill


What is a generator base, sub-base, or belly tank?

Generator base, sub-base, or belly tank is a UL 142 fuel tank that is typically built into a generator support frame as part of a packaged unit which includes an enclosure. The tank acts as a substitute for a freestanding day tank.


Sub-base tanks can be graded as double wall UL 142, single wall L 142 with containment dike, or fire level UL 2085.


What are the benefits of a base tank?

The advantages of a sub-base tank are: (a) saves floor space associated with a freestanding day tank, especially essential for a completely enclosed outdoor generator kit, (b) the engine draws from the tank directly minimizing the piping costs and performance risks associated with a suction pipe.


The sub-base tank may also be designed for outdoor generators to allow a storage requirement of 4, 8, or even 24 hours run time fuel.


What are the problems with base tank

The problems with the base tanks may include: (a) larger tanks lift the generator’s working-level where steps and walkways may be needed for regular inspection and maintenance; (b) the fuel tanks are subject to a higher level of vibration due to the construction inside the generator frame, and (c) the large flat tank bottoms with internal baffle construction may promote biological ground.

How is the tank re-filled from a storage tank?

Base tanks are replenished in the same way as day tanks are replenished with a few challenges: (a) limited space inside the enclosure for installing re-fill equipment, (b) shallow tank depth may require special level sensors for refill control, and (c) shallow tank depth which makes it difficult to locate a properly shaped overflow pipe on the top sidewall of the tank.

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