Why Do A Building Management System?




What is a Building Management System (BMS)?


A Building Management System (BMS), or Building Automation System (BAS), is centralized building management and monitoring system via a computer. The core functions of a BMS system installed in buildings is to control and monitor utility equipments such as Lighting, HVAC, Ventilation systems, Fire Alarm Panels, Fire Hydrant Panels, Water Tank Monitoring, Elevator Operations, CCTV, Access Control, Vehicle Management, Perimeter Security, Generators, STP, WTP and many more of the sub-systems that are employed within a building. A BMS system will include Sensors, Pressure Switches, Flow Meters, Controllers, Relays, Communication Protocols, APIs, MODBus Interfaces and User Interface as its core components which work together to provide this control and monitoring.


Why You Should Implement a BMS System in Your Building?


Implementation of a Building Management System enables smart operation and efficient maintenance of the building. The BMS solution does so for the building by


Enabling Safety and Security: A BMS system allows monitoring of the different sensors installed in the building, such as smoke, gas leakage and door-intrusion sensors. BuildTrack BMS system can record and notify all relevant parties via emails and SMS at the central monitoring kiosks as well as on Smart Apps.  Remote door unlocking facility can be provided to improve convenience, which typically works well for many buildings in conjunction with Video Door Phone deployments, there are additional systems that integrate into the BMS, most notably perimeter security systems (e.g. laser-based) or access control systems for key building areas or even elevators.


Improving building operations by controlling and monitoring of the electrical equipments: A Building Automation System allows full control of all lighting facilities for common areas, podiums, parking, facade lighting, and landscaping. This allows water pump controls and water tank status tracking. It can track the status of a variety of sub-systems, such as generators, STP plants, elevators and more, that need constant vigilance at the building level. Energy consumption monitoring is one of the key features allowed by BuildTrack’s BMS framework, particularly for energy consumption devices without using submetering.


Improving sensitivity to the needs of building occupants: BuildTrack BMS provides Smart Apps that can be used to create service requests by building occupants for a range of maintenance support purposes. Such requests can be tracked by the management staff of the facility and are delegated to the dedicated maintenance staff for quick response and their status constantly updated. It not only facilitates repairs but also other factors for better asset management, including information on preventive maintenance scheduling, warranty and amc termination, as well as technical manuals and key asset specs.




  • Developers, owners, managers, contractors and architects involved in building small, medium and large buildings, as well as single and multisite campuses
  • Government entities that oversee certification and rating of smart and zero-net energy building
  • Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) firms
  • Manufacturers involved in the Internet of Things (IoT), and Industry 4.0
  • Residences employing solar and energy storage systems, electric vehicles and charging networks, and virtual assistant systems linking thermostats, lighting, appliances, HVACs, entertainment systems, security systems, communications and others

A Building Management Systems is a key addition and an invaluable resource for both residential and commercial buildings. It keeps operating costs down while improving both responsiveness and efficiency.

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