Cathedral of the Annunciation

 400 W Rose St, Stockton, CA 95203, United States


Inspired by Jesus Christ ‘s message and teachings, the Cathedral of the School of Annunciation educates the entire child in the Christian Catholic tradition. Although ensuring a high degree of academic excellence, we aspire to create a positive atmosphere that will promote a lifelong dedication to learning, supporting, and attaining.


The Annunciation School Cathedral seeks to articulate the Church’s educational mission entrusted to it by Jesus Christ. The mission is established in To Teach As Jesus Did, a US bishops pastoral. We are focused on the successful integration of the religious and the secular within our children. Enrolling a child in the Annunciation School indicates a readiness on the part of the parents to help any school activities that are conducted against these goals with their assistance and presence.


Annunciation School is a church program in the Cathedral. As a Christian Catholic group, we have a deep devotion to Jesus Christ and we are making a serious effort to carry out His teachings. At the Divine Eucharistic Sacrifice our school group will better celebrate its friendship with Christ and with one another. “Therefore, the liturgy is the extraordinary means by which believers may communicate the mystery of Grace and the real existence of the true Church in their lives and manifest it to others.”

The Sunday liturgy is “the summit to which the church’s operation is led” and is “at the same time the source from which all power flows.” Therefore, it is anticipated that every Catholic parent and student will take seriously the obligation to worship the Lord as a group in our parish church on Sundays in fellowship.


Parents, teachers, clergy, and students’ varied abilities are organized in such a way that the school becomes an extension of the family and the parish and is incorporated into the wider community. Bearing in mind that parents are their children’s primary educators, our emphasis is on encouraging all students to improve in spiritual, academic , social, physical and emotional ways. We are also striving to instill in our students an appreciation of the world ‘s artistic beauty created by our Lord and to be responsible stewards of that planet.


The Catholic Charities Naturalization ESL/CIVICS program aims to fill an ESL/Civics teacher role immediately to provide classes from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Monday through Thursday evenings; two days and up to eight hours a week.

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