What are the Run-times of Diesel Generator Day Tanks?

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What are the Run-times of Diesel Generator Day Tanks?

When you are looking for a diesel generator, one of the most important factors you will consider is the run-time. How long can the generator run before needing to be refueled? What are the run times of diesel generator day tanks? In this article, we will explore that question and give you some tips on choosing the right generator for your needs.

What are Day Tanks?

A day tank is a type of fuel tank that is designed to provide power for a generator during daytime hours. These tanks are typically smaller than traditional fuel tanks, and they may only hold enough fuel to run the generator for a few hours.

What is Run-time?

The run-time of a diesel generator day tank is the amount of time that the tank can supply fuel to the generator before it needs to be refilled. The actual runtime will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the tank, the rate at which the generator consumes fuel, and environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. Generally speaking,  however, most day tanks will have a runtime of between eight and 12 hours.

  • Provides power for extended periods
  • Reduces the need for refueling or maintenance
  • Ideal for generators and other systems that need to run for long periods

Factors that affect run-times of Diesel Generator Day Tanks

This is a common question, and there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It all depends on several factors, including the size of your tank, the size of your generator, the load you are running, and even the weather conditions.

Tank Size:

The larger the tank, of course, the longer it will endure. But did you know that fuel expands and contracts due to temperature changes? As a result, your tank will contain less fuel in very cold weather than in warmer conditions.

If you have a standard sized diesel generator (between 25 and 500kW), here are some typical run times:

  • At a 50% load, a tank of gas will run between eight and 24 hours.
  • Expect between five and 12 hours of usage when the battery is at 75% power.
  • A single tank of fuel will last anywhere from two to six hours if your generator is operating at full capacity.

These are simply approximations. Keeping track of your usage over time is the only way to know for sure how long your generator will run on a tank of gas.

Generator Size:

A bigger generator consumes more fuel than a smaller one, all else being equal. However, keep in mind that a larger generator can also produce more power. So if you’re just running a little load (say, 1000 watts), a smaller generator that uses less fuel may be sufficient.

Load on the Generator:

The more work your generator is doing, the more fuel it consumes. If you’re only utilizing a fraction of your generator’s potential output, it will use fuel much quicker than if you were running near its full capacity.

Ambient Temperature:

Ambient temperature is one of those key factors. Most diesel engines are rated at 104°F (40°C). But, as you know, the temperature doesn’t always cooperate and can soar well above that in the summer months.

The fuel consumption rate of the generators:

The fuel consumption rate of the generator set is the last factor that affects the run-time of a diesel generator day tank. This is because the fuel consumption rate is directly related to how much power the generator set is outputting. If the generator set is outputting a lot of power, it will consume fuel at a higher rate and the day tank will need to be refilled more often.

Quick Overview on the Run-times of Diesel Generator Day Tanks

  • A standard day tank holds between 250 and 300 gallons of fuel. This is enough to run most generators for 24 hours at full load.
  • If you have a larger generator, you may need a bigger day tank. Some generators require up to 1000 gallons of fuel to run for 24 hours.
  • If you’re running your generator at partial load, you’ll be able to extend its run-time. For example, a 250-gallon tank will last for 48 hours at half load.

But what if you’re not running at full load? What if your generator is only partial loads throughout the day?

The answer to that question is a bit more complicated. When a generator is operating at less than full load, it’s using less fuel. But it’s also using that fuel less efficiently. So while you might be able to run your generator for longer on a tank of fuel when it’s operating at partial loads, you’ll still want to keep an eye on your fuel levels. It’s generally recommended that you refuel your generator day tank when it reaches about half full. This will help ensure that you have enough fuel to run your generator for the entirety of the day, regardless of how much or how little it’s used.

The Use of Monitoring System

One way to monitor the run-times of diesel generator day tanks is through the use of a monitoring system. This type of system can provide real-time data on the status of each tank, as well as historical data that can be used to trend tank performance over time.

In Conclusion

The size of the diesel generator day tank is the most important factor that determines its run-time. The larger the tank, the longer it will be able to supply fuel to the generator set. Other factors such as the number of generators being supplied by the tank, the load on the generators, and the fuel consumption rate of the generator set also affect the run-time of a diesel generator day tank.

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