Fuel oil maintenance


The fuel oil consists of organic compounds and will slowly degrade over time due to biological growth, accumulation of water, and the formation of particulates. If uncontrolled, this deterioration could result in clogged filters or could have a negative effect on the generator engine combustion cycle. In a worst-case situation, the deterioration due to a safety cutoff could shut down the genset.


Degradation is not a problem for applications where fuel is continuously used and a fresh fuel stock is frequently introduced — for example, gensets used for combined heat and power applications. As a result of periodic testing, fuel consumption is minimal for standby generator applications due to small runtimes. For these applications, fuel maintenance or a polishing device can be given for regular (usually weekly or biweekly) treatment of fuel oil.

The polishing system cycles fuel from the tank and pumps it through an array of prefilters, final filters, and a water separator. Biocides can be introduced manually or injected automatically by the polishing system. If a site or budget constraints do not allow for a permanent, onsite polishing system, an option is to provide pipe connections at the tank and enlist the services of a contractor who uses a mobile or roll-up polishing system for periodic fuel maintenance.

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