Grant Line Canal 

California 95206


The Great Canal is only a great walk, in the daytime it is clean and safe. Sometimes it may be too warm to have a hangout in the afternoon because there is not much shade, but just make sure to bring water! The canal trail is amazing, it connects a lot of people, and it’s really amazing. Sometimes it can be so quiet.


It’s a place you can chill at times, or even drive yourself. The trial of the canal is fairly moderate and available to anyone. The trail can sometimes be very hot during the summer! It’s a very peaceful and serene place to get off the ground. It was a fun trip to dog walkers, joggers, runners, and even a bike driver. The river runs wonderfully during the winter and it is called home to spring ducks.


What a beautiful place! Many are enjoying this area. The canal also has a lot of useful stuff, there are places online where you can test the tide and the weather patterns are actually so awesome and helpful. There’s also an amazing drawbridge to see, just so fun! Such a great place for the dogs to walk / hike. There are a few different choices of parks, a bigger option and a smaller one. Pretty view and benches to enjoy the view.


It’s never too busy, so you can really enjoy walking and yourself. One of a great go to places for everyone and even the doggies. Highly recommend for a quick hike or even for one to explore really. This is somewhere you can explore just a great time with somebody special or even alone, or even with a whole group.


There are no toilets on site, sadly, but the trails / channel are fairly short and only cover a few miles. Still highly recommend for anyone to bring either family or friends or even both here. Such an amazing place to either relax or even just enjoy nature’s greatest gifts. Just an awesome place to create new memories and overall just a beautiful serene place.

While normally these hikes are not shaded, there is usually a nice breeze to keep a little more relaxed even the hot summer days. Don’t miss the views every day around the springtime! It’s just like a discovery in the backyard. There are several entry points for accessing open spaces. Generally, the two entry points are very clean and have clear signage, so no one gets lost. Most of the room is dirt but easy to follow.

This amazing location is located near Downtown Lathrop and also only a short distance away from:


  1. Grant Line Canal
  2. Dos Reis Park
  3. Mossdale Landing Community Park
  4. Mossdale Crossing Regional Park
  5. Lathrop City Hall
  6. The Green at Mossdale Landing
  7. The Commons at Mossdale Landing
  8. Manuel Valverde Park
  9. Stockton Field Aviation Museum
  10. Oakwood Lake

After visiting these amazing places make sure to stop by Remote Fill Systems on Murphy Parkway and say “Hi!”