Manuel Valverde Park

15557 5th St, Lathrop, CA 95330


Manuel Valverde Park is a good children’s park and the whole city. There are basketball courts, small children’s playground for ice, park, showers, and plenty of shade. Plenty of tables at which you can sit and eat or just enjoy the great weather. This park is beautiful and very calming. My little sisters were having a great time playing around the playground and making friends with other children.

It’s a fun, peaceful park where kids can play, walk with your pets, have public toilets, basketball court. Excellent parks, picnics, parties. Nice little water park for the kids as well. Safe, quiet, and peaceful is the entire neighborhood where the park is located. A pleasant addition to the park grounds is the Veterans Memorial. Although a lot of the days are super hot, there were plenty of shaded areas and gentle cool breezes. The gymnasium and parking is on the front of the building. How can one not comment on one of the most recently renovated parks in Lathrop? One of only three of Sangalang and Mossdale’s largest parks in the region.

Honestly, one of the city’s favorite parks. Here you can spend hours playing horseshoes (bringing your own equipment), playing on the fields or on the courts (only basketball). Something is always going on and people are around. Typically enjoy wandering around the parks and lying down on the grass. Sound cheesy?  Who Isn’t. Everyone always love to hang out here. The newly renovated shelters usually book up quickly during the Spring / Summer time. The staff of the city is located on site. Either at the Senior Center or at the Community Centre. Do not forget the front and middle of the interactive fountain! The park is crowded with waves of children and adults trying to cool down when the sun hits.

The events here  have been safe, well coordinated and free! Recently updated, the park offered a great play experience for children 2-8 years of age. They also have a large field of grass, tether ball, and basketball courts. BBQ grills and shaded tables are available. It was a breeze to park. Best walking park for parents and children. Four basketball courts and football, soccer and baseball fields. There are two thumbs up. With plenty of sun, it’s nice and clean.  While we’re in the area, will make this a home park. Nice walking or biking trail around the park. Lots of benches to sit and watch the kids for parents. Great for the whole family!

This amazing location is located near Downtown Lathrop and also only a short distance away from:


  1. Lathrop City Hall
  2. Dos Reis Park
  3. Mossdale Landing Community Park
  4. Grant Line Canal
  5. The Green at Mossdale Landing
  6. The Commons at Mossdale Landing
  7. Mossdale Crossing Regional Park
  8. Manuel Valverde Park
  9. Stockton Field Aviation Museum
  10. Oakwood Lake

After visiting these amazing places make sure to stop by Remote Fill Systems on Murphy Parkway and say “Hi!”