Mavis Stouffer Park

1000 Stouffer Street, Ripon, California, 95366, United States


Mavis Stouffer Park is a park located at 1000 Stouffer street, Ripon, California. It has a scenic nature spot on the river with a picnic pavilion, walking trails, sports fields & a stadium.


This is the place to be in the summer. The first thing you see when you park all the way down the back of the parking lot to your right is like a small area with a bunch of tables but no barbecue grills. Next to it, there’s a volleyball that everyone can enjoy after swimming. As you continue walking down the trail, you will see a fence where you can get to the water. People like to swim from a rope and dive in or let the calming rivers take you and enjoy. If you decide to continue walking down the trail, stay on your left as you reach the cliff. As you keep walking, there are more sitting areas. The river is very nice and calm.


Everything about this park is wonderful. There’s a cliff on the north side of the park where you can jump off and swim with the current for a while. If you choose not to jump, there are also many other entrances to the river. There’s also this one spot that has a rope off that spot that’s popular, the southern part of the river is actually a jogging trail. With sandy spots along the bank of the river. Most people prefer the place right there during the summer. Especially younger children, because it’s well hidden, allowing them to have a free party and drink. Well, other than having a trail and a river, the park also has a big shade for group parties and a playground for children.It also has sports fields with four volleyball courts, two baseball courts and two soccer goals. They also have an area at the entrance to the park to let your dog go and enjoy the sand. The surrounding area of the park is also lovely, plenty of parking space.


A big plus is how well maintained the park is; with well-manicured grassy areas, a hiking trail that follows the river, a game area and a number of covered event benches. For families, this place is great because the park is large enough to avoid areas near the river for children’s safety. There are several areas for people to play different games and ample recreation areas.The park is not very large, but large enough to accommodate a large number of people.


Things you can do; bocce ball, horseshoes, museum, hike, bike, climb jungle gyms, play softball, picnic, rent a covered area for receptions, study, use a playground for events or games.

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