Michael David Winery

 4580 CA-12, Lodi, CA 95242, United States


Michael David Winery is a perfect place to enjoy some wine with company, and even better. The wine is so good the first time you come here, that they soon became a part of the wine club. The lawn zone provides the ideal environment for getting togethers in the summertime. The lawn area is a first come first serve basis, but while you are there you can reserve them via their website, you’ll just have to spend their min reserve number. They have plenty to give from several waterfalls in their yard, a garden of flowers you can pick, and even a children’s area full of farm animals.


They began as a fruit stand and a hickory blossomed into a wine-making business. A café and bistro are on site. They sell oils, new fruit and vegetables, clothes and, of course, wine. They have an amazing snap from Chile which is a perfect accompaniment to entering or just putting on the bread —- good blow.


A visit to this place offers something for everyone: bocce (not just for old Italian guys, no offense dad), gardens, flora and fauna, music, children’s play area (sweet!), a pizza and panini bistro, and grapes, grapes and grapes. It’s spacious and elegant, as well as the walkup bar is larger than the main house.


Their origins in Lodi run deep in here. The name Michael David has become more than just a winery with over 150 years of family farming; it is a tradition.


Family Philips and Lodi are going a long way back. Since the 1860s, they have been growing this land, and since the early 20th century they have been planting wine grapes. Their members, Michael brothers and David Phillips, are grape growers of the 5th generation who raised their families in the vineyard, and now the 6th generation has joined the team, Mike’s son Kevin and daughter Melissa. More than any of them, we appreciate the value of leaving it for future generations better than you find it. Lodi ‘s legacy and passion for our family strengthens their focus on sustainability.


Our workers

No matter what sort of insane stories you’ve read, robots can’t make wine. Well maybe you can, they’ve never really done that. The real humans on their winemaking team are just very good at the delicate mix of growing, research, and intuition that makes our wine, though slightly less good at certain stuff (e.g. The Robot). This is something on which we would all accept that R2D2 really sucked.


Its origins in Lodi

They have been calling Lodi their home for 6 generations and their family-run winery continues to remain committed to their hometown’s soil, culture and spirit.


According to the Lodi Guidelines, their unique range of wines are all produced responsibly in Lodi, California, a set of over 100 criteria that account for all aspects of producing quality wine in a sustainable way: environmentally, socially and economically.

This amazing attraction is located in Stockton, California and is only one of many reasons to visit this amazing city! Here’s a list of nine others that are worth a visit:


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  • Micke Grove Zoo
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  • Stockton Arena
  • Children’s Museum of Stockton
  • Oak Grove Regional Park
  • Pixie Woods
  • Stockton Field Aviation Museum


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