ESCAPE Modesto

912 11th St, Modesto, CA 95354, United States


About Escape Modesto

Real escape rooms are the latest trend in social-involvement games around the globe. Players are trapped in a room for an hour with only their wits, problem-solving skills, and teamwork to help them escape. Escape Rooms challenge players in ways that no video game can do by fully immersing them in the game, enabling them to fully use their senses to communicate with their surroundings. To escape, participants need to decipher clues, solve puzzles, and unlock mysteries to make their way out. Players operate in teams up to 10. Bring your friends, family , and colleagues to take advantage of this immersive and special entertainment experience.



The idea was born in Japan and spread globally before entering the U.S. The number of escape rooms worldwide has gone from zero in 2010 to at least 2,800 today, according to escape room directories. What started as a video game phenomenon has expanded to 367 real-life rooms in 138 facilities throughout the world. They are proud to bring the first escape room of its kind to the Central Valley right here in Modesto for all to enjoy.

Escape Rooms


King Tut’s Treasure

You and a group of treasure hunters discover the fabled hidden treasure of King Tutankhamun which has lain undisturbed for centuries. Once you enter the secret lair, the door suddenly closes behind you and you’re locked inside with just one hour of oxygen remaining. Will you be able to follow the trail of clues and escape with the fortune or fall victim to the room like those before you?

  • Participants: 5-10
  • Difficulty: Medium (recommended for first-time escapers)
  • Success Rate: 25%


Prison Break 2.0

You have been framed. You are locked in one of the world’s strangest prisons awaiting execution for a crime you didn’t commit. Many have attempted to escape this labyrinth in the past and it has been rumored that those who may have escaped left behind secret messages and clues of their plans. You have one hour to escape before the prison guards return. Will you be able to find and decipher what is hidden in your cell? Your life and destiny are in your hands.

  • Participants: 6-10
  • Difficulty: Higher (recommended for experienced escapers)
  • Success Rate: 11%​
  • Same great theme, all new puzzles and clues.


CSI Modesto

You’re the lead detective on the trail of a suspected serial killer that has just struck again. In his twisted game, he has been leaving behind clues of whom he might be, toying with the police. As lead investigator on the case, you’ll have to use your expert sleuthing skills to piece together the clues and determine who the killer is before he strikes again!

  • Participants: 5-10
  • Difficulty: Advanced (recommended for experienced escapers)
  • ​Success Rate: 10%

This amazing landmark is located in Modesto, California and is only a short distance away from these other amazing attractions:

  • McHenry Museum
  • Lucca Winery
  • Funworks Modesto
  • Great Valley Museum
  • Graceada Park
  • Hillier Air Museum
  • Jacob Myers Park
  • Mavis Stouffer Park

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