Oak Grove Regional Park

Throughout the summer, the Stockton Oak Grove Regional Park provides trails, playgrounds, fishing (all CA fishing laws apply), disc golf, and weekend paddle boats. This 180-acre park, located near Stockton’s Spanos Park West, is a popular spot for picnics in a beautiful oak forest setting, hosts many annual events and fishing tournaments, and has many amenities.


Oak Grove Lake is a 10-acre lake with seasonal catfish and trout that can be rented along with paddle boats and aqua-cycles (weekends April-October only). The Oak Grove Nature Center offers educational programs and exhibits that depict the Park, San Joaquin County, and San Joaquin Valley flora and fauna. Bring the family and enjoy learning about our local wildlife and native plants, seeing the rocks, fossils, and fossil collections, and learning about the Miwok and Yokut people who lived in Central Valley California. The Nature Center also offers a variety of Spring and Summer programs, such as seminars and learning stations.


Oak Grove Regional Park has two nature trails: a 1.5-mile walk through old grove trees and a handicapped-accessible 1/4-mile path. Bring your next party to Oak Grove Regional Park! There are indoor Boat Houses and outdoor picnic shelters for sale.


Oak Grove Regional Park also has an 18-hole disc golf course, playgrounds for children, a family campground for camping youth groups, horseshoe pits, picnic tables, and grills.


This park also hosts Astronomy in the Park once a month, which is a great opportunity. It’s also fun to explore the park after hours. There are numerous open fields, picnic tables, parking, a small pond with paddle boats, fishing, trails, and a nature center. The park is well-kept, and the restrooms are spotless.


In the spring, fall, and summer, the Nature Center offers a variety of programs, including festivals and learning stations. The Trails are open all winter; however, due to inclement weather, the Center’s activities are limited.


The education programs are sponsored and managed by the Oak Grove Docent Council. The Nature Center’s programs are primarily focused on local wildlife, natural ecosystems, and the early inhabitants of the oak grove, specifically the Miwok and Yokut tribes.


Many years ago, Miwok and Yokuts hunted for game in Central California’s vast oak woods, competing with grizzlies for the plentiful acorns that fell from the Valley Oaks. The Valley was teeming with antelope, elk, deer, and pronghorn, as well as millions of ducks and geese.


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Sift The Indian Miwok

By the turn of the century, the native American way of life and vast wild herds had largely vanished. Many of the majestic oaks that once dominated the Valley were still gone. The oak forest at Oak Grove Regional Park is one of the last large stands of oak trees in the northern San Joaquin Valley for a long-term look into the property.


Hours of Operation:

  • Oak Grove Regional Park is open daily (except Christmas) from 8:00am to posted closing
  • The Oak Grove Nature Center is open Saturdays and Sunday from 12:00pm to 4:00pm


  • Parking is $5 Weekdays; $6 Weekends; $10 on certain holiday weekends (Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day)
  • Pets: $1 (leash required)
  • The Oak Grove Nature Center is free
  • Fishing for 16+ years is $5 (with valid California Fishing License), 15 and under is free


Oak Grove Nature Center

Throughout the Spring, Fall, and Summer, the Nature Center hosts a variety of activities, including events and learning stations. The Trails remain open in the winter, but Center activities are limited due to inclement weather.

Educational Programs

The Oak Grove Docent Council sponsors and runs educational programs. The Nature Center’s programs are primarily focused on local wildlife, their native habitats, and the early residents of the oak grove, specifically the Miwok and Yokuts tribes.

Presentations are available, including:


  • Tour of the Nature Center
  • Hike on the Trail and Visit to the Nature Center


Nature Nights at the Oak Grove Nature Center

Nature Nights feature guest speakers and/or activities that teach us about the world around us in San Joaquin County and throughout California. During the school year, talks are held once a month on Friday evenings, and twice a month or more on Thursday evenings during the summer.


Within the Nature Center:

Displays focused on the inhabitants of the Oak Woodlands including:

  • Native Animal Dioramas
  • Preserved Wildlife Specimens
  • Yokuts and Miwok Tribal Artifacts and History
  • Live Native Animals
  • Claudia Landeen School Science Project on Owl Diets


  • Hands-On Exhibits including:
    • Animal Skins and Skulls
    • Microscopes and Specimens to look at
    • Gall Wasp Nests


  • Children’s Activities including:
    • Nature Block Puzzles
    • Pump Drill Experiments
    • Acorn Pounding

San Joaquin County in California is blessed to have some amazing attractions you shouldn’t miss on your next trip. Here’s a short list of some of our favorites:


  • Haggin Museum
  • Micke Grove Zoo
  • Wonders of World Science Museum
  • Oak Farm Vineyards
  • Oak Grove Regional Park
  • Spenker Family Farm
  • M2 Wines
  • Manteca Historical Society
  • Estate Crush


After visiting these amazing places make sure to stop by Remote Fill Systems on Murphy Parkway in Lodi and say “Hi!”