Pixie Woods

3121 Monte Diablo Avenue, Stockton, CA 95203


Placed in one of the old, upscale neighbourhoods of Stockton is a mystical forest that is a throwback to childhood memories — and memories of a town that once was a vibrant California farm mecca.


Since 1954, Pixie Woods has given memories to children in the central valley — a year before Disneyland was even completed. The park is what can be represented only as a super miniscule Disneyland version combined with Treasure Island. It features a steamboat ride, a lively carousel, and a train jogging through the amusement park.


Once upon a time, Pixie Woods housed a petting zoo and seal tanks such as those at the more popular SeaWorld. But the town has cut the park down, and the flip and dip seals and other live animals are long gone.


Today, the entrance to the rainbow invites children to many of the old celebrations (without the live animal attractions) and even a new water dragon that allows children to cool off in the sweltering summers in Stockton.


Visit Pixie Woods, Stockton’s own fairyland located at 3121 Monte Diablo Avenue for the “young in age and young in heart.” Drive the Pixie Express Train down the tracks that went through Frontier Town. Take an excursion on the paddle-wheel boat Pixie Queen down the lagoon, or enjoy a trip on a vintage carousel. Park at Pixie Woods is full of enjoyable attractions. Carte of Pixie Woods


Centered on the core principle that represents an unwavering dedication to the Stockton community, Pixie Woods Children’s Park opened its doors in 1954 with the generous help of the City of Stockton, local businesses and groups, and numerous residents of Stockton. Over the past sixty years, more than one million visitors have come from close and far to witness the beauty and enchantment that this magical fairyland contains. Pixie Woods today remains true to its heritage of being a wonderland for “young people in age and young people in heart.”


Road Trip With Huell Howser who toured Pixie Woods Children’s Park ‘s three-and-a-half acre wonderland in 2007.


Pixie Woods turns 60! Looking Back on some of Pixie Woods’ first 50 years of history! Stay tuned for last-10 updates. Vintage Pixie Woods pictures put together by Glenn Pitts, son of beloved Dorotha Pitts, part of the rare magic of Pixie Woods’ magical woodland!

This amazing attraction is located in Stockton, California and is only one of many reasons to visit this amazing city! Here’s a list of nine others that are worth a visit:


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