High Pressure Pumped Systems for High-Rise Applications 


The Pumped Remote Fill with its 5HP pump can deliver 20 gpm at more than 100 psi (230 feet). In its small size 2x2x2, the remote pumped fill is special. The pumped remote fill is low, but efficient, and is the realistic pressure limit for a diesel fuel truck for appliances in excess of 4 stories. The remote pumped filling unit is pre-assembled and checked in the factory. It is coupled with a corresponding control panel and a motor starter. The unit is available for surface mounting or flush. It’s pictured Flush seat.


    • Dimensions: 24 X 24 X 24
    • Flush mount unit has 2 inch flange on all sides.
    • Weight: 85 lbs.
    • Construction: Welded steel construction with Lok Ring piping (ASMEB31.1 compliant). The unit includes a kamvalok fitting and dust cover.
    • Controls: Ships with matching remote fill control panel.
    • UL Listing: UL 508
    • Capacity: 18 gpm at 100 psi, 20 gpm at 50 psi, 3HP motor.
    • Power Required: 120 volts, dedicated circuit at control panel. 3 HP, 408 volt, three phase line power circuit to starter in control panel. 408 volt, three phase load wiring required from control panel to remote fill.


Dry detach and cover dust included, Remote filler panel with pump, silence switch, allow fill switch, light and horn, remote filling panel, single tank, loosely shipped, tank level check, loose delivery, two leak detectors, loose fill shipped. Pumped Remote Fill For a filling process the machine operator must position the fill switch on. In the day or in the tank, the control panel monitors the high level. The pump automatically stops when the fuel level exceeds the high level and the warning horn and light in the remote fill and the control panel are powered. A system operator may silence the remote fill alarm location or the control panel. However, the alarm light remains illuminated and energized until the fill switch is “off.” For a filling operation, the machine operator must place the fill switch in the “on” position. The distant filling or control panel, but until a fill-enabling switch comes into the “Out” position, the warning light must remain illuminated and energized. Leak detectors in the remote fill and in the top or the belly tank are controlled in the control panel. The control panel for a piping transfer tray or piping sump has the feedback of a replacement leak detector.

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Concealment of the Remote Fill — Architects want to retain the appearance of their designs. The Concealed Underground Remote Fill allows the appearance and beauty of a building to be undisturbed. The Concealed Underground Remote Fill provides a code compliance solution where the required clearance to building openings cannot be achieved with an above ground product.