Leak Detection and BMS/SCADA Integration 


Other than the Basic Remote Fill, all of our products feature integrated leak detection and Modbus or BACnet interfaces. A reliable tank level control and leak detection system is available in a single panel, thereby saving the requirement for a separate leak detection system. To complete this operation, the machine operator must place the fill switch in the “on” position. In the daytime or belly tank, the board controls the high level. When the fuel level reaches high, the solenoid valve closes and the warning and light are energy-intensified in the remote filling and control board. A system operator can silence the alarm at the remote filling or the control panel, but the alarm light is illuminated and controlled until the fill switchover is turned off. Leak detection in the remote fillet system and the top of the day or vessel is controlled by the control panel. On the control panel for the piping transfer rack or piping sump, there will be a replacement detector signal.


The remote fill unit cables include the minimum use of the THHN stranded #16 for all control cables. For power cable using minimum THHN stranded #14. Continuous wire without splices from end to end. Tags with generic wire numbers for industry. All cables to be placed in the pipeline. All cables and ducts to be built in compliance with the local code. Cable can be run in the same conduit together. You will receive,  #16 for control Remote Fill System wired with integral remote fill alarm. Control panel requires a dedicated 120 volt circuit. Remote fill enclosure light and horn receive power from the control panel. A 2 #16 Leak Detector, a 2 #16 Leak Detector, 2 #16 Level Probes and 2 #16 Solenoid Valves.Remote fill includes: • Dry dust disconnects, Remote fill panel with silence switch, fill switch, light and horn, Remote fill panel control, single fill tank, loose shipped level sensor, loose shipped, Two Leak detectors, loose-shipped and one inch normally open solenoid valve, loose shipped.




    • Dimensions: 24 X 24 X 24
      Flush mount unit has 2 inch flange on all sides.
    • Weight: 85 lbs.
    • Constructions: Welded steel construction of enclosure. The unit includes a kamvalok fitting and dust cover. The unit does not include any piping. Piping may enter on the top, bottom, back or sides.
    • Controls: Ships with matching remote fill control panel.
    • UL Listings: UL 508
    • Capacity: Secondary containment is 5.3 gallons.
    • Power Required: 120 volts, dedicated circuit at control panel. Remote fill enclosure light and horn are powered from matching control panel.

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Concealment of the Remote Fill — Architects want to retain the appearance of their designs. The Concealed Underground Remote Fill allows the appearance and beauty of a building to be undisturbed. The Concealed Underground Remote Fill provides a code compliance solution where the required clearance to building openings cannot be achieved with an above ground product.