Multiple Tank Filling Systems 


The multi-tank remote fill can fill up to 6 tanks in its basic form and more in custom form. The remote fill control panel will track switch location when the filling operator selects a tank to be filled and will show the switch position as soon as the tank specific fill motorized ball valve is tested by its end switch to be open. The LCD shows the real tank volume when the valve is in place. The LCD will still display “00000” if the valve has a misalignment error. The fill operation can continue when the tank volume is displayed. The light and horn is energized at 85%, which indicates that the chosen bulk tank is almost complete. The fill operator can quiet the horn, but the light overfill remains powerful. The warning horn sounds again at 90 percent and the motorized fill ball valve closes and thus the filling process is disabled The operator can silence the horn but the light overfill will be lit until the selector switch is moved to the “off” position by the operator. All fill valves are automatically closed when the selector switch is put in the “off” position. If one of the fill valves are not checked closed, there will be an alarm of “fill control valve misalignment.” Alarms displayed on the remote panel and conveyed to the BMS system: high-level tank critical–90% High level Tank–85% High level Tank–80%. Filling valve misalignment. The high 90% level forces the fill control valves to be shut down.


A NEMA 4 locking remote fill enclosure and a matching NEMA 4 remote fill control panel are part of the Multi-tank Remote Fill Systems. Remote filling boxes with an optional rack can flush or surface assembled. The unit has an integrated light warning, horn and silence switch. The remote multipurpose fill differs by providing a tank selector switch (up to 7 tanks) and a gallon level indicator to let the fill operator know how much fuel is in each tank. The system shows the selected tank level in gallons when the operator selects a tank to fill. Therefore, before filling the current ullage can be tested.




    • Dimensions: 24 X 24 X 24
      Flush mount unit has 2 inch flange on all sides.
    • Weight: 85 lbs
    • Construction: Welded steel construction of enclosure. The unit includes a kamvalok fitting and dust cover. The unit does not include any piping. Piping may enter on the top, bottom, back or sides.
    • Controls: Ships with matching remote fill control panel.
    • UL Listing: UL 508
    • Capacity: Secondary containment is 5.3 gallons.
    • Power Required: 120 volts, dedicated circuit at control panel.
    • Remote fill enclosure light and horn are powered from matching control panel.


Orders; Part Number: MTRF-X where X is the tank number. The basic remote fill system includes: dry and dust disconnect, silence switch remote fill panels, tank selector switch, horn and lighting system and a common alarm light, a multi-tank remote fill panel, loose shipping, level probes for each tank, loose shipped and loose motorized valve per tank, loose shivers for shipping. Specify the size, please.

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Concealment of the Remote Fill — Architects want to retain the appearance of their designs. The Concealed Underground Remote Fill allows the appearance and beauty of a building to be undisturbed. The Concealed Underground Remote Fill provides a code compliance solution where the required clearance to building openings cannot be achieved with an above ground product.