Art Expressions of San Joaquin

2318 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95204, United States


The San Joaquin Valley is an abundance of creative and artistic individuals who express themselves through various forms of art. These artists are experts in their field and masters of their craft, making them an asset and treasure for our community. 


They inspired what is now the Art Expressions of San Joaquin. Each artist is as unique and diverse as the individuals who make up the San Joaquin Valley and its communities.  Their mission and primary objective is to promote and showcase the work of these dedicated and talented artists with the rest of the San Joaquin Valley. Artwork will be displayed in the County Administration Building and will also serve as a venue for community events. The purpose of this cooperative is to reflect the rich cultural fabric of the community.


  • A Platform For Everyone


 Art Expressions of San Joaquin was born in the Tidewater Gallery in downtown Stockton. Executive Director, Arturo Vera’s idea was to continue supporting local artists even though we didn’t have a store downtown. Arturo’s tough fight with Parkinson’s disease makes this a bigger challenge as we move from location to location. 


They thank the county, the Hilton, and the airport for providing them with three permanent places to hang art, but they are still looking for a place to call their own, to “sell” art. They appreciate any support that you may be able to provide, such as donations, sponsoring an event, buying art, board members, or attending events. Artists are welcome to submit their artwork. It’s for review. Annual membership fee is required and sales are subject to commission depending on location.


  • Support Local Artists


When one buys from local artists, they’re not just helping the artists to make a living on something they love to do, they’re also supporting the arts as a whole by going local. 

We live in an age where the arts are in danger of losing funding, so supporting the arts starts by supporting your local artists and writers. And who knows that? Perhaps that local artist you support today could one day become famous. And all of this starts with your support.

When visiting Stockton, California, you will find some amazing sites including the following:


  • Haggin Museum 
  • The San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum 
  • Reynolds Gallery
  • Horton Gallery
  • Children’s Museum of Stockton
  • Elsie May Goodwin Gallery 
  • Stockton Field Aviation Museum
  • Pixie Woods


After visiting these amazing places make sure to stop by Remote Fill Systems on Murphy Parkway in Lodi and say “Hi!”