Elsie May Goodwin Gallery 

1902 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95204, United States


The Stockton Art League (SAL) began in 1936 as an artist-critical group, incorporated as a non-profit group in 1963, and expanded in 2001 with a fine art gallery and workshop space at the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery on Pacific Avenue in 1902.  Their mission is to provide art education and visual arts development for all ages in Stockton and San Joaquin County. 


The Stockton Art League provides a number of programs, such as the Outreach Program, which includes the Artist Demonstrations Program established in 2001 and the Youth Art Program established in 2016. Join us every second Saturday from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. for the Artist of the Month. SAL continues to empower artists of all ages to showcase their artwork and develop art techniques.


  • A Brief History


In 1936, a group of artists met at the Haggin Museum every week to share their artistic talents. One of the groups, Marcella Wood, came up with the idea of forming an art club. Due to her efforts, the Stockton Art League was officially established in 1936 with Marcella Wood as president.


In 2001, thanks to the legacy and generous contribution of benefactor Elsie May Goodwin, the Gallery opened its doors at 1902 Pacific Avenue in Stockton’s Miracle Mile district, providing a permanent home to the Art League.


The Stockton Art League was founded in 1936, incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1963, and expanded in 2001 as a brick and mortar space known as the Elsie May Goodwin Gallery. As a non-jury membership program, it provides an affordable workspace for artists and a monthly exhibition space. The Artist Demonstrations Program offers free and open exposure to processes and concepts presented by professional and emerging artists to the public.


  • About The Art League


The Youth Art Program provides art education classes for students aged 6-17 years. The Learning in Transition Program works with Stockton Unified School District Young Adults in Transition, students aged 18-24 with special needs. 


The Stockton Art League with the Haggin Museum, Stockton CA, is sponsoring a national jury exhibition every year. The 61st exhibition is scheduled for 2020.


The Visiting Artist Workshops Program invites regional artists to take part in comprehensive workshops at the gallery, providing community access to art techniques and mentors.

When visiting Stockton, California, you will find some amazing sites including the following:


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  • The San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum 
  • Reynolds Gallery
  • Horton Gallery
  • Children’s Museum of Stockton
  • Art Expressions of San Joaquin
  • Stockton Field Aviation Museum
  • Pixie Woods


After visiting these amazing places make sure to stop by Remote Fill Systems on Murphy Parkway in Lodi and say “Hi!”