Top 10 Remote Fill System Manufacturing Companies


We know finding the best remote fill systems for buildings can be difficult, so we put together this detailed list of the best of the best so you can make your choice wisely.  Each company has a vast amount of experience and expertise you should be aware of, from those offering custom fill tanks to those offering integrated reliable fuel systems for data centers, hospitals, infrastructure, and buildings.  This list of amazing companies is ever-changing and expanding, so please check back often. If you find another company that should be listed here – or one that should be removed – please let us know!


1. RFS Logo LargeRemote Fill Systems

17504 Murphy Pkwy, Lathrop, CA 95330,
United States, (925) 574-2053 


About: Remote Fill Systems was formed by experienced fuel system engineers to focus exclusively on Remote Fill Systems for generator fueling. They are committed to providing knowledgeable and experienced support to our customers from design and application through startup and commissioning. Their team has many years of experience with fuel oil as well as long experience in industrial process control and mechanical HVAC and piping systems.

Services/Amenities: Basic Remote Fill, Remote Fill System, Concealed Underground Remote Fill, Multi-Tank Remote Fill, Pumped Remote Fill, San Francisco Remote Fill System

Why Choose Remote Fill Systems: They have a dedicated team of engineers who could provide an excellent service to their customers.


2. Pryco, Inc.

301 Garvey Street, P.O. Box 108, Mechanicsburg,
IL 62545 |  217.364.4467


About: PRYCO, INC has provided fuel systems of all kinds for all energy systems, boiler plants and automatic lubricating systems worldwide since 1980. Throughout the years, their fuel systems have been developed and upgraded in order to suit their clients ‘ needs. They enjoy the confident feeling that the cutting-edge engineered tank design is described and carried out, which the rest imitates. They have gained the credibility to collaborate with their clients to meet the specifications of their challenging, non-standard projects.

Services/Amenities: PRYCO, Inc. provides Day Tanks, Sub Base Tanks, Trailer Tanks, Pump Sets, Electrical Options, Mechanical Options.

Why Choose Pryco, Inc.: The facilities at Pryco are equipped with modern production and quality control equipment. The quality and accuracy of their policies and production methods has always been required. This certainly has helped Pryco to succeed on the market.


3. Ace Tank

19111 Des Moines Memorial Dr suite h, SeaTac,
WA 98148, United States |  800-426-2880


About: The Seattle-based business Ace Tank & Fueling Equipment. They provide equipment and solutions for various markets, including both the retail and commercial fueling segments, to clients above and below ground tanks. The company has more than 80 years of fuel industry expertise, know-how and experience. They also built in-depth technology and business experience to help clients find a solution appropriate for any site’s functionality and practicality. They now, however, have a fully integrated e-commerce system that facilitates seamless, 24/7, ordering, invoicing, and payment functionality.

Services/Amenities: Decals & Signage, DEF, Fill & Venting, Filters & Strainers, Fuel Maintenance Systems, Fuel Management Systems, FuelSafe Systems, Hanging Hardware, Island Equipment, Loading Arms & Rack Equipment, Meters, Piping & Containment, Pumps & Dispensers, Tank Gauging Monitoring & Containment, Tanks & Accessories, Valves

Why Choose Ace Tank: For over 80 years of experience, they maintain an outstanding scope of their knowledge. The service is also available 24/7.


4. Mission Critical Controls

4435 N. First Street, #366, Livermore,
CA 94550 | (925) 574-2053


About: A specialized manufacturer in the Livermore area of San Francisco Bay is Mission Critical Controls. They are proud to give an expertly personalized standardized product. They invested heavily in automated soldering and 3D pre-manufacturing modeling. Taking advantage of those investments helps them provide their customers with the best quality.

Services/Amenities: They make fuel and water systems PLC controls, diesel fuel systems, UL 142 tanks and day tanks, diesel fuel cleaning systems, and diesel fuel pump systems. They are also equipped with diesel pumps. The controls for industrial , commercial and fuel and water treatment systems are developed, installed and programmed by PLC. In their panel shop UL 508 control products are assembled and tested. In our welding and manufacturing workshop, day tanks, remote fill systems and pump sets are made.

Why Choose Mission Critical Controls: Their goal is to provide pace, consistency, value and support consistently. They are proud to give an expertly personalized standardized product. Their customers can quickly design, produce and test control systems and equipment.


5. Preferred Utilities Manufacturing

31-35 South Street, Danbury, CT 06810


About: Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation was established in 1920, and has served the industry for over a hundred years. They began as a fuel oil handling company, where they studied, engineered, and patented a range of equipment ranging from anti-siphon valves to oil heaters to seat heaters for World War II Sherman tanks. They retain the sailing boat for their logo since they are especially proud of our history equipping large ocean liners with fuel equipment during combat.

Services/Amenities: Preferred Utilities Manufacturing Corporation supplies cutting-edge products such as instruments and control systems, monitoring devices, wide-ranging burner applications, mission-critical safety systems, components for nuclear power plants, solutions for reducing emissions, and renewable fuels.

Why Choose Preferred Utilities Manufacturing: They have been in the business for over 100 years, dauntlessly carrying their legacy forward.


6. Fibrelite

3250 US Highway 70 Business West, Smithfield, North Carolina, NC 27577, USA


About:  Fibrelite is proud to be at the forefront of composite technology, focused on the core values of quality and creativity over 30 years ago, with innovations including the world’s first composite manhole cover!! The first F900 load listed trench cover and the first multiport composite system are recent inventions.

Services/Amenities: Retail Fueling, Manhole COvers, Trench Covers, Underground Enclosures, MW & ATG Sumps, Pipe and Cable Entry Kits, Steam Covers, Precast Concrete Trench Lids, Dispenser Sumps, Remote and Direct Sumps and Tank Sumps.

Why Choose Fibrelite: Fibrelite leads the world in guides, trench covers, steam coverings and underground storage Systems, which are highly engineered in highly GRP composite.


7. Earthsafe Systems, Inc.

1000 W. Crossroads Pkwy, Ste J, Bolingbrook,
IL 60490 | +001 (312) 226-7600


About: Earthsafe Systems, Inc. is founded and presided over by Bill Edwards. He graduated in BS Engineering from Cornell University and MS Engineering from Stanford University and is also a professional engineer. His company produces emergency power distribution and transmission facilities. They also provided their systems to data centers and hospitals.

Services/Amenities: FUEL for Generators, DEF for Generators, LUBE for Generators, Control Systems, GenApp Diesel Quality.

Why Choose Earthsafe Systems, Inc.: Earthsafe Systems, Inc is what you are searching for when you choose to use a fuel system used for emergency technical facilities.


8. Franklin Fueling Systems

3760 Marsh Road, Madison,
Wisconsin 53718 USA | +1 (608) 838-8786


About: Franklin Fueling Systems offers a full package in a single supply ready for installation with tubing, manhole chambers, including dispensers, submersible pumps and intelligent fuel stock and environmental monitoring systems. They ensure efficiency, availability, operation, innovation and cost. Their mission is to be the preferred global provider of the highest quality products and services to the petroleum industry.

Services/Amenities: Fuel Management Systems, Submersible Pumping Systems, Pipe & Containment, Dispensing Systems, Service Station Hardware, Transport Systems, DEF/AdBlue®, Wire Management, System Solutions.

Why Choose Franklin Fueling Systems: A variety of products, a world-class customer service experience and extensive technical background create a complete system solution where our services, features and products makes us a distinction as industry leader.


9. Fuel Oil Systems

Northern CA


About: The incorporation of Fuel Oil Systems in 2000 resulted in the need for a turnkey installer of fuel oil systems in the building industry. Previously, most of the fuel ventures were amalgams of many contractors who tried to construct their allocated part of an already complicated system independently. The uncoordinated complexity of this strategy contributed to poor results and finger pointing. Fuel Oil Systems where designed for the design and installation of the fuel system .

Services/Amenities: Underground Storage Tank Services, Aboveground Storage Tank Services, Programming/Repair, Design, Consulting, Expert Witness, Innovative Products

Why Choose Fuel Oil Systems:  If you are looking for a company that solves complicated fuel oil problems, whether it is a customized pumping system, special controls and safeties, custom fabrication or esoteric anti-siphon techniques – Fuel Oil Systems is the go to company!


10. Automated Fuel Technologies

520-B Tower Street Garland, Texas 75040 | 972-272-1586


About: AFT provides a service many fuel equipment companies don’t have, namely, the resources and expertise when it comes to Emergency or Back-up Power Generator Fuel Systems. We also offer the same services for Fuel Storage Tank Monitoring Systems, Fuel Filtration/Polishing Systems, Automated Fuel Control Systems, Fleet Fueling Systems and a host of other services for this industry.

Services/Amenities: AFT also service fuel control and storage systems including Simplex Day Tanks, Pryco Day Tanks, ISP Fuel Systems Controls, Howman Control Systems, Tramont Day Tanks, Earth Safe Fuel Systems, Lube Cube Tanks, Highland Tanks, Modern Welding Tanks, Cougar Fuel Systems and a host of many other brands.

They also provide services for several other Fuel System Components, Fuel Tanks, Oil Tanks, Fuel Control Systems, Emergency Power Fuel Controls and Generator Fuel Systems & Controls around the Dallas area, among them that all-important Dallas Fuel Maintenance!

Why Choose Remote Fill Systems:  Automated Fuel Technologies is a state licensed and insured Dallas Fuel System Service Company and Dallas Fuel System Installer for your protection. Jerry Gray, General Manager of Automated Fuel also carries his TCEQ Class A & B license for Texas and a UST Installer license for Oklahoma.


Contact the Premier Source for Remote Fill Systems

Remote Fill Systems is the premier source for remote fill tanks and systems for generator fueling. We are committed to providing knowledgeable and experienced support to our customers from design and application through startup and commissioning. Our team has many years of experience with fuel oil as well as long experience in industrial process control and mechanical HVAC and piping systems. We have developed innovative and cost-effective products in response to customer needs, such as the multi-tank remote fill system, which consists of a NEMA 4 locking remote fill enclosure and a matching NEMA 4 remote fill control panel. The remote fill enclosure may be flush or surface mounted or free standing with an optional rack. The unit is furnished complete with integral alarm light, horn and silence switch. The multi-tank remote fill differs in that it is furnished with a tank selector switch (up to 7 tanks) and a level indicator in gallons that will let the fill operator know how much fuel is in each tank. When the operator selects a tank to fill, the system indicates the selected tank level in gallons. Thus, the fill operator can check the available ullage prior to fill.

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