Edgar Thoming Park

1001 Cambridge Pl, Tracy, CA 95377, United States


Edgar Thoming Park is a lovely park located in a suburban neighborhood. There is a play area and picnic tables and it seems like a fun spot for children to go to. The equipment for children to climb is useful for young children too.  It is a great place with a picnic lunch to drop in. Both sunny areas and shady areas provide plenty of seating. Throughout the park, the trees are relatively mature and build a very charming ambience. The park is also well landscaped with shrubbery.  There are facilities such as a small area with tennis courts, a large grassy area and barbecues. There’s a good even walking trail that circles the park, too. This has a walking or jogging path that has adjacent workout areas for you to stretch when working out. Walking the trail is a perfect way to train. The  basketball court requires some surface repairs. Tennis courts are fun to go to and a little playground to keep the children busy with their active bodies for hours. It also has benches and chairs, and grills for a little picnic and BBQ when you wanted to.


It’s great for a party. It has various parts of sport to watch and a superb field. There are also a few stops for Pokemon Go to spin and also a Gym to fight. It is a good park to have some fun, stroll, jog or play sports and get some fast food. People will like it because it had a wide field but for non-babies it didn’t have any other stuff like swings. If you have a pet dog, you can stroll around and have a dog walk. The place is dry, and generally well kept! Another thing about this park is that it is Right by River, it’s got everything clean. The bathrooms, and the picnic area, were clean.


A park is an open space area created for public use, which is usually managed and maintained by a local government. Parks usually mimic savannas or open woodlands, the forms of landscape most calming to humans. Usually, grass is kept short to deter insect pests and to encourage picnics and sports events to be enjoyed. Trees are selected for their beauty and to offer shade. Parks ought to make people feel free to use them. Research indicates that perception of safety can be more important than real crime rates in affecting human behaviour. If the public perceives a park as dangerous, they may not use it at all.


Edgar Thoming Park is a safe park to visit with your family and friends.

This amazing landmark is located in Tracy, California, and is also only a short distance away from:


  • Morgan Territory Brewing
  • Grand Theatre for the Performing Arts
  • Ramon Rios Winery
  • Tracy Historical Museum
  • Wicklund Park
  • Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area
  • Windmill Ridge Winery
  • Legacy Fields Sports Complex


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