Legacy Fields Sports Complex

4901 N Tracy Blvd, Tracy, CA 95304, United States


Legacy Fields is a valuable addition to youth sports at Tracy. The Legacy Fields Sports Complex is a year of planning and collaborations with the City of Tracy and local community sports liga. Both organizations are involved in the development and maintenance of baseball, softball and soccer fields, and will continue to be involved. Legacy Fields will consist of 166-acres of active sporting areas at complete build-out. The first phase is 72-acre, with 9 baseball fields and 8 soccer fields. Dozens of baseball fields and eight make-up step 1 soccer grounds. The infrastructure developed for this project is capable of serving 166 acres of site for future ultimate growth.


Phase 1 development of $11 million includes grading on 72 acres, including improvements to Tracy Blvd., four unpaved parking lots (786 parking lots) with landscaping and lighting, access road, widening of Tracy Blvd., grading and drainage improvements, site drainage including storm water channels, sanitary sewage systems (fire and household), construction of a storage pond and station pump.  The project finishes in two stages.  Improvements in Phase 2 will provide electric services for irrigation and lighting in each region. The Tracy City Council unanimously chose the name “Legacy Fields” on January 15, 2013, as it draws on Tracy’s past and will provide opportunities for local and national sports leagues to leave their mark within the community.


Legacy Fields will ultimately serve as the region’s largest multi-sport facility and will help meet the increasing demand for sports facilities. The soccer and softball playing fields are in good shape, and they are very new. The only bathrooms, however, are portable and the parking lots are dirt. The terrains are complete with dugouts and backstops for softball. There are no barriers, so there is dirt in the viewing area and they have a way to complete the building. Although in Tracy this will be a great sports complex, there’s still a way to go. There isn’t a single tree on the property so bring your own shade and chairs with you if you visit. Meat, fuel and accommodation are a very short distance away and this will be a huge draw for your sport when it’s over.


Teams of youth and adult sports will come to the Legacy Field Sports Complex to play in baseball, soccer, and softball tournaments from throughout the West Coast region. They anticipate hosting as many as three tournaments a month during the year. Many participants in the tournament will be supported by family members, and will spend money on transportation, housing, food, and entertainment while in Tracy.

This amazing landmark is located in Tracy, California, and is also only a short distance away from:


  • Morgan Territory Brewing
  • Grand Theatre for the Performing Arts
  • Ramon Rios Winery
  • Tracy Historical Museum
  • Wicklund Park
  • Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area
  • Legacy Fields Sports Complex
  • Edgar Thoming Park


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