What Are Some Ways Large Buildings Can Save Energy?


Your building is a huge energy hog. If you’re planning on upgrading your heating and cooling systems in the near future, here are some ways to make them more efficient- it’s easier than you think!


The key to saving money and energy at work or home is not just changing out old equipment for newer models; there are many other simple steps that can be taken as well. For example, if your regular light bulbs have been replaced with fluorescent ones, replace incandescent lamps too! It may seem insignificant but these small changes can add up quickly. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed by all of this information though, because we’ve put together a list of easy tips so you know exactly what to do next time around:


10 Easy Ways to Save Energy in Big Buildings


Did you know that the majority of energy used in buildings comes from heating and cooling? In fact, some studies estimate that up to 40% of all energy use in commercial buildings is due to air conditioning alone. Luckily there are many different ways that big buildings can save energy! Below we will discuss 10 easy ways that you can reduce your building’s carbon footprint!


    1. Use LED Lighting: LEDs use up to 50% less electricity than traditional lighting and last for years!
    2. Install motion sensor switches or timers so your space doesn’t need as much illumination at night time or anytime no one is inside it, respectively.
    3. Replace old air conditioners with new high efficiency ones: Newer models have way better insulation capabilities which means they will work harder when temperatures rise while using far less power! It’s worth noting that many older units may require a costly replacement after only a few years.
    4. Reduce the temperature of your air conditioning system: In order to lower heating and cooling costs, it’s important to set individual temperatures for each room in your office or home so that they are just right! Set thermostats at 68 degrees Fahrenheit during winter months and 78 degrees Fahrenheit during summertime for maximum savings.
    5. Turn off computers when not in use: Computers emit unnecessary heat from their power supply which can cause higher electric bills if left running overnight or over an extended period of time.
    6. Install reflective window tinting on south facing windows (or north facing depending on where you live): These will help reduce the amount of sunlight coming into your space thereby lowering energy needs throughout the day. Do note that this is not a necessary strategy for all buildings.
    7. Use natural light in lieu of artificial lighting: Utilizing windows, skylights, trellises with plants inside them are some ways you can bring nature into your space to brighten it naturally without using as much electricity. If you want even more sun fillings, replace any incandescent bulbs with LEDs which use up to 50% less energy than traditional lights!
    8. Consider solar options: Solar panels can help reduce your building’s carbon footprint by generating electricity for you to use at no cost! Talk with a company like Clean Energy Solutions Inc about installing them on your roof today!
    9. Use rainwater harvesting systems where possible: These will collect water from downspouts and provide an eco-friendly source of irrigation that uses very little energy to function. Plus they help decrease stormwater runoff which helps keep pollutants out of lakes, rivers and oceans while also retaining natural vegetation in watersheds.
    10. Use a waterless urinal: Using less or no water will always help, especially in buildings that use potable drinking water for toilets! By using these appliances you’ll be saving up to 50% of the energy needed to pump and heat water which is usually wasted with every flush!


There are a lot of ways that large buildings can save energy, but some are easier than others. All you need is an innovative mind and the willingness to make a few changes around your office or home. We’ve gathered our best tips for saving energy at work below – we hope they help keep you comfortable this winter season! Which easy way have you tried?

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