World of Wonders Science Museum 

2 N Sacramento St, Lodi, CA 95240, United States


An educational museum located in Lodi, California’s historic downtown district. The Museum’s mission is to deliver realistic scientific exhibits and programs that will encourage discovery at all ages. In the World of Wonders (WOW) Science Museum in historic downtown Lodi California where hand-in-hand exhibits spur exploration for every age you can find knowledge about energy, electricity, magnetism, optics and more. The WOW is a fascinating, educational, and inspiring scientist destination for children and adults alike.



Founded in 2009. Inspired by one person’s dream, in 2005 a small group of committed visionaries gathered in the hope of building a realistic Science Museum to complement today and all future generations on the education of our children. These visionaries claimed it was the ideal time to develop programs of science education through edutainment that were devoted to the promotion of young astronauts, medical doctors, meteorologists and engineers with a limited amount of time in the classroom. The museum will give birth to the next generation of American scientists as a result of these edutainment programmes. Therefore the Science Museum of the World of Wonders was born.


The WOW Science Plaza

They will build a new science and cultural center as they extend across Sacramento Street with the WOW Science Plaza. Our main priorities and highlights of our expansion include a state-of-the-art planetarium, four new classrooms, a wave and community-based open-air amphitheater, a pedestrian-only Sciences Boulevard, a centrifugal carousel that shows central Valley history and a full-service dining area. With the thrilling imaginative method of scientific exploration, the World of Wonders Science Museum continues to inspire curiosity. We all win by encouraging science education.


Field Study Trip

For pre-schools to grades 6, the World of Wonders Science Museum provides regular, hands-on science education. Every group has the opportunity, during a WOW field study trip, to explore our over 70 exhibits and to take a hands-on lesson at the WOW laboratory on the basis of Next Generation Standards.

  • PreK – Grade 3 field trips include $145 for each class (additional $6 per students, cap 10 extra students for each) and up to 25 students. The duration of WOW Lab lessons is 30 minutes and the overall duration of the PreK Field trip is 90 minutes.
  • Field Study trips of grade 4-6, costing up to $195 per class (extra students are $6/school, restricting 10 additional students/class). The lesson from WOW Lab lasts 30 minutes, although its total time is 120 minutes for a 4 to 6 grade field trip.
  • Field research excursions are available on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the year. The trip starts at 9:30 in the morning and the trips start at 11:30 in the afternoon. Please contact a WOW Educator if you need to adapt your start time and if possible, we will make arrangements.
  • Please contact the Museum for options and rates for home school classes, pre-school groups, daycare centres, special school groups and training centres.

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